March 2017

 (Books only)

1. Hitler in Hell, Castalia, 2017.

2. More On War, Oxford University Press, 2017.

3. Clio and Me: An Intellectual Autobiography, Castalia, 2016.

4. Pussycats: Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West—and What Can Be Done about It, CreateSpace, 2016. 614WXaCRlAL

5. A History of Strategy: From Sun Tzu to William S. Lind, Castalia, 2015. AHOS_960

6. Conscience: A Biography, Reaktion, 2015. 5107q7xPjVL

7. Equality: The Impossible Quest, Castalia, 2015. 81h5u+UVSQL._SL1500_

8. The Privileged Sex, CreateSpace, 2013. 41WcoaJq1tL

Translated into Dutch, German, Portuguese.

9. Wargames: From Gladiators to Gigabytes, Cambridge University Press, 2013. 51BGi5RCMdL

Estonian translation forthcoming.

10. (ed., with John Olsen), The Evolution of Operational Art, Oxford University Press, 2011. 41CReBXOSgL

11. The Age of Airpower, Public Affairs, 2011. 51gcvWDZQwL

Translated into Chinese, Polish. Japanese, Russian translations forthcoming.

12. The Land of Blood and Honey: The Rise of Modern Israel, St. Martin’s Press, 2010. 41Aligc9IqL


13. The Culture of War, Random House, 2008. 516HxCkfenL

Audio version, 2010.

British edition, 2009. Oral edition, 2010.

Translated into Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese and Korean. Serbian translation forthcoming.

14. The American Riddle (Russian), Irisen, 2008. American

15. The Changing Face of War: Lessons of Combat from the Marne to Iraq, Random House, 2007.41BhW3ClB6L

Translated into Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Polish, Swedish.

16. (ed., with K. von Knop and H. Neisser), Countering Modern Terrorism, Bielefeld, Bertelsmann, 2005. Terrorism

17. Defending Israel, St. Martin’s Press, 2004. 51xiGXmDbML

18. Moshe Dayan, Cassell, 2004. 81JpiAHGQ8L._SL1500_

Translated into Portuguese.

19. Men, Women and War, Cassell, 2001. 4141F05E81L

Translated into French, German, Italian.

20. The Art of War: War and Military Thought, Cassell, 2000. 51XX0C4T08L

U.S edition, Smithsonian, 2005.

Translated into Danish.

21. The Rise and Decline of the State, Cambridge University Press, 1999. 71jcwDpsnLL

Translated into German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Serb.

22. The Sword and the Olive: A History of the Israel Defense Force, Public Affairs, 1998.

New edition, 2002. 51CpsBGTwfL

Translated into French, Italian.

23. (ed.), The Encyclopaedia of Revolutions and Revolutionaries form A to Z (Facts on File, 1996). Revolution

24. Airpower and Maneuver Warfare, Air University, 1994. 51ow5xzSOYL

New edition, 2002.

25. Nuclear Proliferation and the Future of Conflict, Free Press, 1993. 41NFiHu0SuL

26. The Transformation of War (British edition: The Future of War), Free Press, 1991. 51sWnZN4nPL

New German edition, 2004.

Translated into Arabic, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Serb and Spanish.

27. The Training of Officers: From Professionalism to Irrelevance, Free Press, 1989. 21NjZ0HgGdL

Translated into Chinese (Taiwan).

28. Technology and War: 2000 B.C. to the Present, Free Press, 1988. 51v6S6YZhSL

Translated into Chinese (Taiwan), Korean.

29. Command in War (Harvard University Press, 1985). 516XEG9RB8L

Translated into Arabic, Chinese (Beijing), Greek, Korean, Serb, Swedish.

30. Fighting Power: German and US Army Performance, 1939-1945, Greenwood, 1982.

New German edition, 2005. New English edition, 2007. 61pZYNykHCL

Translated into Arabic, Chinese (Taiwan), German, Polish. Korean translation forthcoming.

31. Supplying War: Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton, Cambridge University Press, 1977.

New, expanded, edition, 2004. New Hebrew edition, 2002. New Japanese edition, 2006. 41JT6YCXyQL

Translated into Arabic, Chinese (Beijing and Taiwan), Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish.

32. Hitler’s Strategy 1940-1941; The Balkan Clue, Cambridge University Press, 1973. 516vondkOnL

New edition, 2008.

Translated into Greek.